Over 4 years ago, I walked into Allen’s boot camp class, hoping for a work out that would be challenging mentally and physically. I found it. I’ve been working out twice a week with Allen ever since, rarely missing a work out.

Allen’s workout has kept me in shape and injury free so that I can enjoy trail running, mountain biking, x-country skiing, hiking and paddle boarding as time and weather allow.

When I first met Allen I was still rebuilding my strength after a car accident that left the left side of my body scarred and weak. He was able to provide modifications and encouragement and created workouts that worked for me. Today, if you didn’t see the scar, you wouldn’t know about my former injury, I feel strong. The first time I was able to do 50 push-ups in a row, Allen celebrated with me.

I recommend his class to anyone who wants to stay fit, strong and injury free. And, if like me, you have a stressful job, you’ll find Allen’s workouts are a great way to sweat off the stress.

Stacy S
Do you have a fitness goal you want to achieve but don’t know where to start? Allen Russell is the guy you need to work with. His understanding of how the muscles and tendons work together when doing various activities is phenomenal. He takes into account what your goals are and crafts a plan specific to you that helps you reach your goals.

About a year and a half ago my husband and I started working with Allen to train for our goal of trail running the entire 490-mile Colorado Trail over a period of 18 consecutive days. His advice was valuable as he has helped us prepare for this trip. We’ve not only gained fitness as we prepare but also a mindset shift. We just accomplished our goal on August 2, 2020 as we completed our trail run of the Colorado Trail over 18 days.

I love how Allen always has a new and unique exercise that not only helps to improve our strength but also helps to stabilize our body in preparation for the various challenges presented by the terrain and distances we often encounter when out on the trail! If you are looking for results and are tired of going to the gym and doing exercises without seeing the results you are after contact Allen and get started today!

Melinda M


Does it seem like you are getting nowhere for the time and effort you put in? Allen may be the one for you. He is not a one size fits all. He has the knowledge and experience to tailor a program just for you. Allen can watch you work out and tell you what needs to be corrected to be more effective. I was paralyzed in a car accident when I was a kid. Allen has helped me get moving correctly and become stronger.

Thanks Allen.

Sharon B

From Whiner to WINNER

In January 2012, I stepped on the scale and saw numbers I’d never seen before, nor ever want to see again. I wanted MY body back and I knew I had to make some serious changes (to do so). Along with writing down everything I ate I began hiking, walking and running the bleachers at the track- where I saw Allen sporting a T-shirt that said “If you didn’t puke or pass out you could have gone harder”. I told my friend “I’m definitely not working out with HIM!” In one month I’d lost 9 pounds. I set my next weight goal but the 2nd month; things weren’t moving as quickly. I needed to step it up. In March, my girlfriend asked me to sign up for a sports conditioning class…with Allen. (Never say never!) When I started his class, I felt weak and whiny. At one point I was almost in tears, comparing myself to others. Allen stopped me and told me to never do that and to give myself credit for being there. With his training, not only have I’ve lost more pounds and inches; I’ve become much stronger and toned. I even have biceps – I HAVE BICEPS!!! I have more stamina and I feel 10 years younger. Allen is an excellent coach and motivator. He knows his stuff and makes me want to work hard. I’ve gone from a whiner to winner!

I actually look forward to Allen’s class and I haven’t thrown up yet! Must…work…harder!
Jan to March 16 (with only 2 weeks of class) I lost 15pounds and over 10 inches
March to Sept. I lost another 17.5 lbs and 14 more inches!!

On September 27 I went to the airport. My suitcase weighed 32.5 pounds, the exact amount I had lost. It was flippin HEAVY!!! I can’t believe I was carrying all that around. Talk about letting go of baggage. Now it is all in a nice case with handles and I only have to take it on fun trips.

Sam M

One can look around and see there are a lot of fitness centers around Grand Junction and with fitness centers come trainers. But, how well can they train/coach and what are their credentials?

Well, that’s certainly a question I asked when selecting a trainer and why I go to Allen Russell.

First of all, Allen holds a Masters degree in his profession and more continuing education than I could mention! He himself is an amazing athlete

Allen will adapt his training to your type of learning style. At age 50, which has already been 12 years ago, I sought out Allen as a swim instructor. Even though swimming was a big fear for me, Allen was able to reassure me and give me the confidence that I could learn to swim. He started with the basics and was very patient and gave me guidance I needed to accomplish my goals. And he actually made the class fun so I wanted to come back.

I have not pursued swimming as part of my exercise regimen but I have continued to use Allen to compliment to my strength training. When Allen shows up for class, he is well organized and devoted to the scheduled time allotted. Allen takes the time to explain why we’re doing a certain exercise a certain way and he’ll explain the reason behind it.

Recently, I had a slight hip injury and Allen was able to give me modifications so I could continue my workout and not add undue stress to the area.

I have referred other clients to Allen and I hear compliments such as “I’ve been doing this particular exercise for years and no one has ever corrected me!” That’s because Allen has a very trained eye and understands proper body mechanics. He even corrects your breathing when you’re not doing it correctly! He’s tuned in to details!

Training comes easy for Allen because he has such passion for helping others achieve their goals. He enjoys seeing others reap the benefit of staying active with exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle.

So, if your ready to add exercise to your lifestyle or improve what you’re already doing, I highly recommend the Best, Allen Russell. Don’t settle for less!

Shirley C

Excuse me……How Old Are You?
I have worked out at the gym on my own for years, but when I returned to California to visit and surf last winter, I knew I was in trouble. I struggled to paddle out through the surf and I could barely balance on the board. I wasn’t ready to back off from many outdoor activities and as I was planning to do some extensive canoe paddling and portaging over the summer I realized that I needed some intensive sports conditioning assistance. Allen’s Sport Conditioning class was exactly what I was hoping for. The workouts he creates are designed around my goals and his knowledge of the science of conditioning is amazing. The group dynamics are positive and I have noticed huge improvement in my core strength, balance and general fitness.
My balance on my stand up paddle-board has greatly improved, I’m a stronger cyclist and I felt in control portaging my 40 lb. canoe over the rocky terrain in the Boundary Waters-Quetico Canoe Area. I have new athletic and adventure goals for this year, and I will definitely continue with the Sports Conditioning class.

ed: Recently during a workout Rachel was asked by a young world champion athlete who trains with us, “Excuse me, but how old are you?” His point being that Rachel, more than 4 times his age, was lifting heavier weights than he was.

Rachel has completed multiple boundary water excursions.

Rachel S
I initially began training with Allen in a small group setting because my husband wanted to work out together. Since “those who play together, stay together,” we decided to start looking at our options. Hence, my call to inquire about personal training. I specifically remember receiving the return call from Allen.

Allen was great. He talked to me at length about his training style and philosophies. He was gracious to answer each question with patience and kindness. This made me comfortable with my decision to start training with Allen. Thus, our journey began. My husband and I began training with Allen. We have been training with Allen for over three years now.

My husband’s and my needs were very different. My husband had shoulder problems, and I wanted to lose the extra weight that I had gained since working a fulltime sit down job. Allen worked with us in the same class but did so in a way that individually addressed our specific needs. My husband’s posture and shoulders have improved dramatically. I have lost 20 pounds the right way. However, I think the best part about working out with Allen is his ability to make it interesting. Also, he tolerates our behavior and keeps us in line, including our silly and/or sometimes inappropriate jokes. Allen makes it fun. We look forward to going to work out with Allen, and I believe that is what makes it work.

I am amazed at how much I have improved: not just at the gym, but in everything I do. The lifestyles class with Allen has changed my life in many ways: I have more energy; I am stronger and more defined; I have more endurance; I am 44 years old and can still jump fences (only to retrieve tennis balls—nothing illegal); and I can actively participate with my husband and teenagers playing touch football, shooting hoops, water fights, fun runs, etc. instead of merely watching from the sidelines. In a nutshell, it has changed my life, and I love it!

I would recommend training because it works. You show up, you work out, you have fun, and you are better for it.

Thank you, Allen, for changing my life for the better.

Michelle K

I have known Allen Russell for about two years, he was referred to me by my chiropractor after I had injured my back for the third time. I needed to be in the gym for many reasons and to get back to exercise seeing Allen was a must.

I must say it was the best decision I made towards healing and gaining strength in my back. Allen listened to what injuries I had and what my exercise back ground consisted of. We started out slow to strengthen my back and with time and his knowledge I continued to get stronger and learned so much about reaching for my goals.

I am most impressed by his passion for helping his clients and his continuing education so that he can provide the best care and knowledge possible. Allen is not just a trainer, as he really cares about the people he helps and will go out of his way to provide the best experience to everyone.

Blessed and Thankful!

Thank you, Allen!


Allen Russell, passionate for fitness.

Allen makes fitness fun. He brings imagination and legal torture methods to bear in the design of workouts, which are varied, surprising, and (sometimes) silly. These are key for motivating his students, and it keeps you coming back. His holiday themes encompass the music and the movements, and it is apparent that he gained his inspired brilliance teaching elementary kids.

If you work with a personal trainer because you would never make yourself do that many reps, then you relish a session with Allen because you couldn’t possibly have thought up what you just did! And he wakes up joy and laughter, all included.

Allen is a student of the body, ever curious about all the stuff you can do to make it stronger. And here’s the thing. Allen is his own best laboratory rat. He has tried it all and embraced every challenge before he asks you to do it. He knows physiology better than anyone I’ve ever worked with. His students love him, and he loves them back.

Helen L
Helen L.
Allen with the Human Conditioned focusing on improving performance in day to day, sport specific and goal-oriented activities.

When Allen started working with our son on his running form, we saw a significant difference in his speed and technique immediately and, given time to practice on his own and with Allen, he’s continued to improve. Last baseball season, my son’s coach told him he ran like a senior citizen that had had a hip replacement. Now, his form is much better, and often he even beats out throws to first! His 60 went from 7.8 to 6.45. In addition to speed, his reaction time is quicker. He plays infield, and so proper footwork is imperative to his ability to pick up the ball. Allen worked with my son on improving his agility as well as his sprinting speed. We appreciate what Allen has done for our son and will continue to utilize Allen’s extensive knowledge about running form and training in the future.